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RichardLM asked 3 years ago

Hi thereI bought the template to just convert to php files and run a simple 5 or 6-page website off of. I thought it came with a working contact form, I asked on Themeforest if it did and you replied to contact you via support.I would appreciate any help you can offer.kind regards Richard

2 Answers
Kamal Ahmed Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi, thank you. We are working on it. We will inform you as soon as it’s done.

Kamal Ahmed Staff answered 3 years ago

We have added a working contact form for you. We are going to publish an update to ThemeForest now and you will get the update notification within 1-2 hours from now. You may also changelog in the trizen description.

Here is the changes we have made in case you are wondering or you have already modified the template.

We only changed contact.html file. You may open the file and see the difference. We just changed the form markup and added a js file in the bottom.

Then we added a PHP file called mailer.php. You need to open that file and change its recipient email to your email. Then you can upload your project on a php server and you should be able to receive email. We have tested and everything is working. We also added this information in the documentation.

That’s all the changes. If you are confused or need any kind of help, Please do not hesitate to ask us.

RichardLM replied 3 years ago

Hey Kamal
Thank you very much!
That will save me a lot of time. – Have left a 5* review on Themeforest – you guys deserve it!

Kamal Ahmed Staff replied 3 years ago

You are most welcome. We are always happy to help. Have a great day. ?