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SupportCategory: QuestionsSelect field with visual bug on mobile asked 3 years ago

On desktop the fields in select format appear normally but on mobile (chrome browser) it is styled without CSS

Kamal Ahmed Staff replied 3 years ago

the library that we used does not support mobile. we are working on replacing it in next update asap. we are happy to refund you if you do not want the template and kindly remove or edit your review on themeforest. thanks replied 3 years ago

Hi, is there any forecast for this update? and on the demo site on the smartphone, the visual is working ok, and because when I do it on my hosting with the original files, it doesn’t have the aesthetics and functioning of the select fields and the bug JS

Kamal Ahmed Staff replied 3 years ago

You can see the site on live using your phone how it looks. and we do not have any fixed time for the update but we are working on it.

1 Answers answered 3 years ago

if you don\’t have the update, I would like to know how to refund…  

Kamal Ahmed Staff replied 3 years ago

Once you remove your rating then you can ask for refund from the following link. If you do not remove your rating then I wont accept your refund request because you are not eligible according to envato refund policy. You can read the full policy on their site from the following link. By the way, I will still accept your refund request if you remove the rating.

Refund policy(last para) :
New refund request: