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tryvium_travels asked 3 years ago

Hello people, my purchase key is a322d87e-a9b5-4f01-ba32-0c367ffa264f Can you please list to me all extra stuff that depends on Jquery apart from bootstrap 4? I am trying to convert this into bootstrap 5 and remove JQuery dependency, but to do so I need to know: the names of all JQuery modules the names of all packages that use jquery the jquery version used the custom code that uses jquery So i can properly address and convert, thank you very much Alessandro Sanino, CTO @ The Tryvium Company LTD

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Kamal Ahmed Staff answered 3 years ago

Please remove your purchase key from your post. Yoi could mark this as private while posting.  Anyway,  all the js file are inside the js folder. So you can see all code where jQuery or $ sign is used then update accordingly.