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SupportjQuery version upgrade
Jay Prakash asked 4 years ago

We are facing issues on some of our existing web pages when integrating aduca theme. The issue seems to be older jquery version used in aduca (1.10.2). We are using latest jQuery version 3.4.x  . Would it be possible to update jQuery in the theme? 
Thank you,
Jay Prakash

kamalahmed Staff replied 4 years ago

Hi Jay Prokash,
I am very sorry to know that you are facing issues with jQuery and Aduca. I will test the template with the latest version of the Aduca and publish an update urgently AS SOON AS we can. However, you can tell me exactly what is breaking so that I do not miss to test those features before publishing an update.

Kind Regards,

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Kamal Ahmed Staff answered 4 years ago

I have just upgraded the jQuery version of Aduca to the latest version 3.4 and I found that slider was broken. I fixed that and pushed an update on ThemeForest. You can download it from there. And In case you have already edited the template and wandering what changes I have made. I did not change much code. I replaced the old jquery version with new version and I put all js code in the main.js file inside $(); That’s it. I hope it helps you.

Kind regards,