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mshcharts asked 2 years ago

I use template with Laravel framework, 
i take al files from demo files , 
i don’t have any soave’s for that 

1 Answers
Kamal Ahmed Staff answered 2 years ago

We can not provide bug fixes after you have started integrating it with any other framework or platform. If the bug is in the slider in the default downloaded package without your modification to the code then we can fix that. Otherwise it is impossible for us to understand what of your changes has caused issue. I hope you understand the support scope. Thanks.

mshcharts replied 2 years ago

Iam try to use particles.js as bg in slider of index one but it has fallen becaus not compatibility with css of your theme , I need guide of use this library in slider, Thanks.

Kamal Ahmed Staff replied 2 years ago

Hi, We are sorry to infor that, Themeforest item support policy does not include providing customization service or support to thirdparty library that you integrate after modifying the template. Integrating thirdparty library is completely on your developer. What our service and all author’s service includes is that, if our any template DOES NOT WORK like DEMO or any functionality we mentioned in the feature list in the product description DOES NOT WORK BY DEFAULT WITHOUT ANY MODIFICATION done by you, then we are 100% obliged to fix that bug. Other than that, not only us, no author is responsible to provide support after you start working on the template. Because different users modification will create different new issue which we are not responsible. We hope you kindly understand the service scope. if not, please let us know, we will send you the service terms from themeforest. Thanks.