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KKL asked 2 years ago

We recently purchase the Dirto theme. When we are looking to use it, we notice it contains a lot of unused fonts, JS etc. which makes it rather slow. As we need it for SEO, performance is critical to us. I understand this is a \”generic theme\”, but would it be possible for us to purchase a \”clean\”/optimized version from you? Basically one, which is stripped for everything and as fast as possible…. We will, naturally, pay for it (if reasonable). Looking forward to hearing from you,…

1 Answers
Kamal Ahmed Staff answered 2 years ago

Thank you very much for your query. We built Dirto for multipurpose usage. Many people will use it in many ways. That is why it has many components and stuff in it. So, it is the responsibility of the user to customize it to their use case. You can also make this template very slim by customizing it. We sadly do not provide customization service at the moment (even for paid). We only provide bug fix if something is broken on any device screen etc.  We hope you kindly understand our limitation of support according to envato policy. Thank you very much.