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We offer a refund to our valuable users if our products do not work as stated and they ask for a refund within 7 days of the purchase. Please read the following refund policies attentively to have your refund request honored.

We refund in the following situations:

  • Product does not work at all.
  • Our Support Engineers cannot fix the problem
  • Refund request is made within 7 days of the purchase.
  • If we mentioned a featured in the product description that is not present in the purchased product.

We do not refund in the following situations if:

  • You do not contact within 7 days of the purchase
  • You did not contact our support engineers for help
  • Any problem arises from any third party scripts/products on your site
  • You purchased a wrong product by mistake. However, we will offer you a discount if you purchase the right product in this case.
  • You changed your mind after purchasing.
  • You do not like the product. ( We have provided a clear description and a live demonstration of our products so that you can get a clear idea before purchasing.
  • Products does not have a feature that you thought it should have. We have clearly mentioned all the features of a product in the product descriptions. It is recommended to buy a product after checking its features. However, you can always contact our support engineers for any presale questions.
  • In case we can not reproduce the problem and you fail to show the proof of the product’s fault by a screenshot or any other means.
  • If we detect any misuse of our refund policy

Updates to the refund policy:

Please remember that the content of this page may update time to time without prior notice. So, it is advised to read the content of this page before purchasing any products and it is a part of our terms and conditions and it is mandatory for every user to accept our terms and conditions. We, TechyDevs, reserves the right to refuse to refund if a user violates our Terms and Conditions.